Transferring to a Research MA

What is the procedure?

If you are studying a regular one-year MA programme, there are sometimes possibilities to transfer to the Research MA per February. If you are interested, please carefully follow the steps below.

Studying at the Bushuis

Fred van Diem

Steps to take before 9 January 2017

  1. Check with the programme coordinator of the Research MA whether you can apply for a transfer per February. 
  2. Register in Studielink for the Research MA. Choose the study programme name with (research) within brackets.
  3. Register for courses of the second semester of both the Research MA as your current MA.
  4. Inform the Admissions Office about your plans so they can add the Research MA to your Personal Service Page.
  5. Upload the following documents onto your Personal Service Page by 9 January 2017:                                  
  • Motivational letter, including a study plan
  • CV, including 2 names of referees
  • Recent transcript of your grades obtained in the first semester*
    * If your grades have not all been registered by 9 January, you can upload your transcript later that month.
  • English language test (terms academic year 2016-2017)
  • Recent sample of written work

Steps to take once you have been admitted

  1. Inform the programme co-ordinator of the regular 1-year programme.
  2. De-register from your regular 1-year MA in Studielink.
  3. De-register from the courses of the regular 1-year MA.

Published by  Graduate School of Humanities

19 January 2017