Career prospects

International Dramaturgy

  • The professional Master's programme International Dramaturgy aims to provide students with different dramaturgical skills and competencies to be adapted to the preparation and production of a performance. This includes research, analysis, interpretation and adaptation skills.
  • The focus of the programme is on practices of cultural translation, cross-cultural mediation and curation. Graduates are able to research the transformations of the profession and functions of the dramaturge in an international context and through transnational collaborations.
  • Graduates in the International Dramaturgy Programme will be in a position to work in diverse cultural, artistic and/or academic sectors. This ranges from a dramaturgical position in theatre and performance companies and organisations, to being art critics or cultural commentators, to programming and coordinating functions or academic research.
  • Graduates will ideally be suited for careers wherein they serve as a bridge between theory and practice, complementing artistic and cultural processes and initiatives, as well as facilitating meaningful collaborations and exchanges across the world.
  • Given the growing demand for cultural professionals with the skills of working in transnational and multilingual settings, the programme offers a qualification that is grounded in theatre and performance, but with a wide applicability in other domains of the arts and culture. 

Published by  Graduate School of Humanities

31 January 2017