Academic staff

English Literature and Culture (Literary Studies)

Programme coordinator: Dr Rudolf Glitz

Rudolph Glitz

'Reading literature is the most effective way of living many lives rather than merely one, lives that may sometimes resemble but often radically differ from the one we call our own. In other words, literature helps us to break through the gilded prison walls of our 21st century identities. Whether and how certain texts achieve this effect are among the many mysteries you will learn to explore in the MA programme English Literature and Culture.'

Prof. Carrol Clarkson

Carrol Clarkson - professor English language and culture

‘What interests me in the study of literature is the relation between patterns of thought and the products of the aesthetic imagination – literary writing and the visual arts most especially – in which these thought patterns seem to materialise. A work of art obliges the artist to make formal aesthetic and/or linguistic choices. What constrains these choices, what makes them possible, and what ethical and political forces might these decisions bring to bear on the social interactions that arise between writer and reader, speaker and listener, artist and viewer? It is this relation between literature, ethics and politics that we investigate in the MA programma English Literature and Culture.’


Published by  Faculty of Humanities

7 July 2017