English (track)

Different ways to specialise in English

With a Bachelor's in English language and culture you can further specialise in English Language and Literature within the following Master's programmes, each with a different focus.‚Äč

Linguistics: Language and Education

The Master's programme Language and Education offers students the opportunity to study language use and foreign language teaching and learning within institutional educational frameworks.

Linguistics: Language and Society

In a world of globalisation a profound knowledge of European languages is required for intercultural business communication. Although global English may serve as the lingua franca in international contacts, in many situations a thorough knowledge of the use of the mother tongue of the business partner can be very fruitful.

Literary Studies: Literature and Education

The Master's programme Literature and Education explores language and literature from an acquisitional, pragmatic, and educational perspective. It provides students with knowledge and skills in the fields of institutional language learning and cultural education.

Literary Studies: English Literature and Culture

The Master's programme Literary Studies: English Literature and Culture caters to students whose interests and academic backgrounds are in literary studies and European culture in the broad sense, but in particular English Literature and Culture, as well as World Literature in English. Furthermore, the programme also gives participating students the opportunity to explore the interrelations of literature with other kinds of cultural objects, such as films, digital media and the visual arts.


Please note: the Master's below is taught in Dutch.

Engels (Educatie and communicatie)

In de tweejarige educatieve master Engels (Educatie en communicatie) verdiep je op een bijzondere manier je kennis van het Engels. Je volgt vakken taalkunde, literatuur en cultuur in combinatie met vakdidactiek en pedagogiek. Na succesvolle afronding van dit programma heb je een eerstegraads lesbevoegdheid Engels. 

Degree programme
60/120 ECTS, 12/24 months
Language of instruction
Dutch, English
Starts in

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