Academic staff

Governing Europe (European studies)

Peter Wim Zuidhof

Dr P.W. Zuidhof, lecturer

'Drawing on insights from politics, law, economics, and history, this interdisciplinary programme challenges students to better understand the rich set of ideas, reasons, historical and social forces, and various national and transnational trajectories that shape how Europe is governed today. Due to their international background, each student brings a unique and novel perspective on the need and effects of European government.' 

J.B.M.M.Y. Shahin

Dr Jamal Shahin, lecturer

'Developing a humanities-inspired approach to understanding the way that the EU works is a crucial aspect of this Master's programme. We aim to position the European Union in a historical, geographical and political context which enriches our appreciation of the complexity of contemporary Europe, and brings to life the disciplines and policies that we research.'


Programme coordinators

  • prof. dr. L.A. (Luiza) Bialasiewicz | T: 0205252280

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  • mr. dr. A.C. (Anne) van Wageningen | T: 0205254687

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Staff members European Studies

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20 June 2018