Academic staff

Hebrew and Jewish Studies

Academic staff

mw. prof. dr. (Nicole) Colin

History of German-Jewish relations 

Prof. N. (Nicole) Colin



FGw / Yaniv Hagbi

Historiography of the Modern-Hebrew literature history. Agnon Studies. 

Dr Y. (Yaniv) Hagbi 


Jan Willem van Henten

Second Temple Period, Josephus, Maccabees 

Prof. J.W. (Jan Willem) van Henten



T.A.M. Smidt van Gelder-Fontaine

Medieval Jewish and Arabic philosophy and sciences. 

Dr T.A.M. (Resianne) Smidt van Gelder-Fontaine 



Prof Emile Schrijver, professor History of the Jewish Book

History of the Jewish Book 

Prof. E.G.L. (Emile) Schrijver



Modern Jewish intellectual history and political thought; philosophy of language. 

Prof. I.E. (Irene) Zwiep 


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9 February 2017