Academic staff

Language and Education (Linguistics)

FGw / Anne Bannink

Programme coordinator

Dr E.A. (Anne) Bannink (English)

Petra Sleeman


Dr A.P. (Petra) Sleeman (French)

Rene Genis


Dr René Genis (Slavonic)

A.V. Peeters-Podgaevskaja


Dr A.V.(Alla) Peeters-Podgaevskaja (Slavonic)


Dr M. (Mauro) Scorretti (Italian)

prof. A.P. (Arjen) Versloot

Prof. A.P. (Arjen) Versloot (German and Scandinavian)

Rebeca Fernandez Rodriguez


mw. dr. R. (Rebeca) Fernández Rodríguez​ (Spanish)


dhr. dr. R.A. (Robert) Cloutier​ (English)

Published by  Faculty of Humanities

5 February 2018