Academic staff

Mediterranean Archaeology

Programme director Mediterranean Archaeology:

Prof. V.V. (Vladimir) Stissi

Vladimir Stissi specialises in Mediterranean archaeology, with a special focus on Greece, household archaeology, and Greek pottery. Stissi is involved with several field work projects in Greece and codirects field surveys and excavations at and around ancient Halos (Central Greece).

General Director of the ACASA MA programmes:

Dr G.J.M. (Gert Jan) van Wijngaarden

Gert Jan van Wijngaarden specialises in Mediterranean archaeology, with a special focus on the Bronze Age of Greece, the ways archaeological heritage plays a role in contemporary societies, and issues of value and appreciation in antiquity. He also directs the Zakynthos Archaeology Project (Western Greece), which includes various methods of archaeological prospection and excavation.


Prof. J.P. (Jan Paul) Crielaard

Specialisation: Archaeology of Greece (ca.1200-500 BC); Greek colonisation and overseas contacts; Homeric archaeology.


Dr A.M.J. (Ton) Derks

Roman Gaul and the German provinces; the Roman army; interaction of indigenous societies and the Roman world; religious culture in the Northwestern Roman empire.


Prof. M. (Marijke) Gnade

Marijke Gnade directs the long running excavations at Satricum (Central Italy) which have their own museum and study centre attached. Her specialisations are: Mediterranean archaeology, with a special focus on pre-Roman Italy, issues of ethnicity, and religious culture of Central Italy.  


Dr Sjoerd Kluiving

Geo- and Landscape Archaeology, Man and Climate, Spatial, geological and archaeological perspectives on Ancient Landscapes; Field work methodology.


Dr H. (Heleen) van Londen

Heleen van Londen is involved with several field work projects in the Netherlands and international cooperations in the field of archaeological e-learning and web-based education. Her research areas are: Archaeological heritage policies, management of archaeological sites, e-learning in Archaeology.


Dr P.S. (Patricia) Lulof

Mediterranean archaeology, with a special focus on pre-Roman Italy and the Etruscans, and particularly temple architecture and visual expressions of power. Patricia Lulof directs the archaeological section of the Faculty’s 3D-4D lab and is also an expert on the archaeological use of 3D reconstructions. She is involved in the study of the remains of a series of temples in Central and Southern Italy.


Prof. N.G.A.M. (Nico) Roymans

Field archaeology and landscape archaeology; the archaeology of Celto-Germanic societies and their integration into the Roman empire; ethnicity and ethnogenesis in the Roman empire; Late Iron Age coinage.


Prof. J. (James) Symonds

James Symonds specialises in: Archaeology of the Early Modern period up to recent time, with a focus on Island Archaeology, aspects of migration and Conflict Archaeology. He is also involved with several field work projects in Europe, and directs a prospection and excavation project tracing remains of the Thirty Years War and the Iron Curtain near Pilsen (Czech republic).

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31 May 2017