Career prospects

Arts of the Netherlands (Research MA)

Arts of the Netherlands is designed for those who seek the formative challenge of sustained research motivated by intellectual freedom.

The program prepares students for a career at a university, in a museum or in a comparable cultural or heritage institution, as a professor, curator, researcher or administrator. It lays a solid foundation for further research at the PhD level.

The program is also suited for those who envision an independent career as freelance curator, journalist, writer or cultural entrepreneur, or for those with more adventurous minds aspiring to wonderful, exciting, peculiar and obscure jobs and research opportunities that no one drafting a list of future career paths can imagine.

An MA degree from this selective program, which trains students to think independently, critically and creatively, will also provide a viable entry into a vast range of other careers, such as in business, NGO’s and public administration.

Published by  Faculty of Humanities

2 February 2016