Career prospects

Literary Studies (Research MA)

An Academic Career

The Research Master’s in Literary Studies trains and prepares students for a future in academia, and most of our students continue to careers in the academic or cultural sector.

Students from this programme manage to obtain admission to funded PhD programmes on a regular basis, for instance at the University of Amsterdam (ASCA), at the University of Giessen, or the University of Warwick. The independence of this programme is perfect if you want to learn how to design and organise your own research trajectories.

The programme also addresses the more practical side of academia: you will learn how to write a PhD proposal; you are encouraged to participate in conferences or to write an article as part of your trajectory.

The Job Market

At the same time, you will also gain a valuable foundation for a variety of professions. You are qualified for positions with strong analytical and investigative components, are highly trained in writing and public speaking, and have developed strong research and communication skills that can be widely employed.

You will have gained insight in the production of knowledge and the ways in which narratives and discourse shape the ways in which we make meaning and understand the world around us.


Published by  Graduate School of Humanities

12 April 2017