Knowledge utilisation

This course provides participants insight into how academic knowledge in the humanities can be made applicable for social and economic utilisation.

Schedule 1 full day 9:30-17:00
Course dates TBA
No. of participants 20
Workload 0.5 ECTS


Course description


Participants will be trained in translating their research topics into concrete applications that can benefit society. This exercise will not only help in preparing future grant applications but can be equally useful as a preparation for job interviews in and outside of academia.

Th course offers a varied programme covering the following topics:

  • Valorisation: what is it  and why is it important?
  • How do I recognise opportunities for valorisation and how do I go about putting these opportunities to good use.
  • How can I present the valorisation potential of my own research.

The course has a hands-on approach, so during the workshop you will practice describing how your research can be put into practice. Some experts from the faculty will share their experiences regarding valorisation and give participants feedback on their ideas.

Recommended reading: Jonathan Bate (ed.), The Public Value of Humanities, Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, London 2011, 336 pp., ISBN 9781849660624.


Experts in the field of valorisation in the humanities and staff members of Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) and the UvA.

Published by  Graduate School of Humanities

14 November 2018