Guest students

Registering as a Guest student ('bijvakstudent')

Students registered as a Master's student at a Dutch university who would like to take one or more courses at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) need to register as a guest student ('bijvakstudent'). Make sure you complete each of the following steps to be fully registered as a guest student.

Step 1: Register with Studielink as a guest student ('bijvakstudent')

Register with Studielink for the MA programme under which the course(s) you wish to take resort. See: > Course > Is part of . Then choose the programme option with is followed by optional course ( In Dutch: bijvak) in Studielink.

Step 2: Send in official proof of payment

In order to be allowed to take courses as a guest student you need to prove that you are registered at another Dutch university and have paid the tuition fee. Apply for official proof of payment at your home university and send it to the UvA's Central Student Administration, Postbus 2760, 1000 CT Amsterdam.

Step 3: Full registration at the UvA

After you have registered with Studielink, the Graduate School of Humanities informs the UvA’s Central Student Administration that you have been admitted as a guest student via a statement of admission. This will finalise your registration with the UvA as a guest student. You do not need to undertake anything for this.

Step 4: Course registration

Registering for courses is done online during the course registration period. Go to: > [name MA programme] > a-z > course and exam registration.

Note: Your registration as a guest student at the UvA does not automatically mean that you can also take the course you are interested in: you need to fulfill the admission requirements and there also needs to be enough room in the course for guest students.

Step 5: Questions about course registration?

If you have questions about registering for a course, please contact the relevant programme administration. See > English > Course > Information, for the contact details of the programme administration. 

Step 6: Permission home university

You will need to ask your own university for permission to have the credits obtained at the UvA transferred to your degree. The programme administration can supply you with a transcript after you have passed the course.

Published by  Graduate School of Humanities

27 October 2017