Step 3: Register in Studielink

Studielink is the national online system for students who would like to pursue a degree programme at a Dutch university. It is step 3 in the application process. Below you will find more information about Studielink.

Please note: registration in Studielink is step 3 in the application procedure. Please check step 1: Check deadlines and step 2: Check entry requirements at the Application and admissions page of your Master's programme.

After you have submitted your enrolment application, make sure you complete step 4: Activate your UvAnetID and step 5: Submit your UvA application of the application process.

How to register in Studielink

Check your DigiD (before starting in Studielink)

A DigiD (Digital Identification) is an online ID (username and password) that provides access to government administration websites.

  • Students who do not live in the Netherlands can use Studielink without a DigiD.
  • Students who currently live in the Netherlands will need their DigiD to use Studielink. We strongly recommend that you apply for your DigiD at least three weeks before registering in Studielink.

Read the Step-by-step guide to Studielink

Before submitting your enrolment application in Studielink, read the 'Step-by-step guide to Studielink':

Studielink programme names

  • Please note that the programme names in Studielink may differ from the ones used on our website. Download the list with programme names in Studielink to ensure that you are registered for the programme in Studielink that corresponds to your Master's programme. After confirming the study programme and starting date, you will be asked to indicate the specialisation/track; this is where you choose your specific Master's programme.
  • Select the main Programme name in Studielink. Do not select the programme name with option Free curriculum or Optional course. If you select one of these, your application will not be processed.

Applying for a second programme

  • If you wish to apply for a second programme with a different Studielink name, please add another Enrolment application/Verzoek tot inschrijving, using the same Studielink account.
  • If you wish to apply for a second specialisation/track within the same Studielink programme, you will be able to select your first choice in Studielink and both your first and second choice in the UvA application form (MyInfo). Please bear in mind that only your first choice will be processed. Only in case you are not admitted to your first choice will we start processing your second choice.

After Studielink registration: Activate your UvAnetID

After you have submitted your enrolment application, make sure you complete step 4: Activate your UvAnetID and step 5: Submit your UvA application of the application process.

Emails from Studielink

After you have submitted your enrolment application

  • Confirmation of your Studielink registration: 
    The first email you will receive will confirm your registration in Studielink.
  • UvA student number (UvAnetID): 
    The UvA receives the registration details from Studielink on a daily basis on working days.  After these details have been imported in the UvA administration, you will receive an email with your UvAnetID. You will need this ID for your application in MyInfo. Whilst awaiting the ID, you can already start working on your MyInfo application.
  • Verification of personal details 
    Studielink will try to verify your personal details. If your personal details cannot be automatically verified, Studielink will ask you to send  a copy of your passport to the UvA administration.
    Please note that, for this step, you can await the admissions decision first. If and when you are admitted, you will need to send a copy of your passport, valid for the duration of your studies, to the UvA administration.
  • Verification and evaluation of diplomas
    Studielink will try to verify your educational background. Your diploma cannot be automatically verified if you obtained or will obtain a non-Dutch diploma. Studielink will then send you an email indicating that your diploma needs to be verified and evaluated by the educational institution where you are applying.
    After you have submitted your application in MyInfo, the verification and evaluation of your diploma will be taken care of by the Admissions Office of the Graduate School of Humanities. Please make sure you submit your application with all required documents in MyInfo on time.
    If and when you are admitted unconditionally, the Admissions Office will inform the UvA administration of your acceptance and that your diploma is verified and evaluated.

After (conditional) admission

  • Status updates
    From both UvA and Studielink, you will receive emails on a regular basis as long as your enrolment is not completed. Check the dashboard on for an overview of the checklist items you need to complete before your enrolment at UvA can be finalised. Once you have completed all the checklist items, you will receive your declaration of enrolment from the Central Student Administration.

Not accepted to the programme

  • Status updates
    Also if you are not accepted to the programme, you may continue to receive emails on a regular basis about completing your enrolment if you have not withdrawn your enrolment application to the programme in Studielink.

Not accepting our offer to the programme

  • Status updates
    If you have received an offer to the programme you applied for, but have decided to decline the offer, make sure you withdraw your enrolment application for the programme in Studielink to avoid receiving further messages about completing your enrolment.

After you have registered in Studielink, proceed to Step 4 of the application process: Activate your UvAnetID.

Published by  Graduate School of Humanities

2 November 2018