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Dual Master
Heritage and Memory Studies (Heritage Studies)
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As a Heritage and Memory Studies graduate, you will have developed unique skills relevant to a career in the world of cultural heritage, as well as a range of employment opportunities where a critical, curious, and academically-trained mind is essential.

The Job Market

The Master's programme in Heritage and Memory Studies prepares students for a career in the world of cultural heritage in the broadest possible sense. Upon completion, they will be capable of functioning as qualified professionals in the field of cultural heritage.

Graduates possess the skills required to connect relevant insights from multiple disciplines and professional fields and apply them in practical situations. They possess the right qualifications for research/policy-related or coordinating positions in areas such as

  • historical and archaeological preservation of listed buildings; 
  • museological (re)presentation of cultural heritage; 
  • cultural departments within governments; 
  • private institutions in the field of urban heritage; 
  • cultural landscape and industrial heritage; 
  • (social) media and communication;
  • cultural tourism;
  • academic research.

An academic career

Graduates interested in pursuing an academic career have gone on to do research internships or to pursue a PhD. If you are interested in pursuing an academic career, you can explore the possibility of joining the UvA's two-year Research Master's in Heritage, Memory and Archaeology with the programme coordinator.