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Dual Master

Heritage and Memory Studies (Heritage Studies)

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Taught by cultural historians, art historians, architectural historians, archaeologists, and sociologists, the Dual Master's in Heritage and Memory Studies offers a professional, interdisciplinary programme in which you study heritage and memory from a critical, cultural-historic and spatial perspective.

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Researching the past in the present

Around the world, a notable change has taken place in the arts and culture sector. Whilst the sector was once predominantly focused on museums, theatres and concert halls, we are now witnessing a pervasive musealisation and disneyfication of landscapes, urban areas and buildings, and even of immaterial expressions of everyday culture. This makes our urban and rural environment increasingly stage-managed and nostalgic.

Playing into this are highly selective processes of heritage- and memory-making, enmeshed with identity politics and commercialisation. What importance is still given to the classic canon of art and culture, and to the conservation of archaeological records, monuments, interiors and works of art? How do national and European heritage policies engage with the issue of multiculturalism and of local versus global identity? Does the booming heritage tourism sector affect notions of authenticity and belonging? These questions are central to the Master's programme in Heritage and Memory Studies.

Heritage and Memory Studies at the UvA

In this programme, you will research the various meanings attached to heritage in a museological and educational context (i.e. listed buildings, theme parks, visual media and tourism) as well as its political use. Looking at, for example, the heritage and memory of the Second World War or of the colonial past, you will deal with the inherent frictions that come with historical 'layering', the quest for authenticity in the digital age, museological preservation, public and private management of heritage artefacts and the tourist experience.

You are encouraged to shape the programme to suit your own specific interests in the field. As a Dual Master's programme, the Master's in Heritage and Memory Studies offers a unique combination of practical experience, specialist knowledge and theoretical reflection, and an internship as a central component of the programme.

Student profile

We ask applicants to demonstrate the following knowledge, insight and skills:

  • A bachelor’s degree in the fields of cultural anthropology, cultural studies, (art) history, archaeology and prehistory, social geography, or urban planning and/or basic demonstrable academic knowledge in the field of heritage and memory studies.
  • Good research skills at Bachelor’s level. You are able to conduct academic research independently (i.e. can collect and critically evaluate source material and write a thesis, thereby applying relevant theory and referring accurately to the sources used).
  • Keen interest in the societal and political issues at play in the uses of the past in the present. You are able to express an opinion on, for example, the role of heritage in urban planning or cultural tourism, the preservation of cultural and natural heritage, the selection of world heritage or the commemoration of events.
  • An understanding of the type of work performed in the heritage sector and a clear idea of how you would like to contribute to the preservation, management or presentation of objects and sites.
  • Readiness and curiosity to delve into both academic research and heritage practice, and combine the two.
  • A desire to contribute eagerly and critically to the academic and interdisciplinary environment of our Graduate School, demonstrated in a convincing motivation.

Degree certificate

Heritage and Memory Studies is part of the accredited Master's programme in Heritage Studies. After successful completion of the programme, you will obtain a legally recognised Master’s degree in Heritage Studies and the title Master of Arts (MA).

Facts & Figures
Degree programme MA
Type Regular study programme
Mode Full-time
Credits 90 ECTS ECTS, 18 months
Language of instruction English
Starts in September
CROHO code 60835