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Dual Master
Heritage and Memory Studies (Heritage Studies)
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Open House

Spotlight on a course: Who owns the Past?
In this core module, you will gain insight into various heritage disputes (both current and past) and the political character of heritage sites and objects. Questions we will discuss are: Who appropriates heritage and why? With which symbolic and material aims? On whose initiative are memorials created? What distinguishes different memorial practices? Can heritage express multivocality and promote reconciliation? And which academic theories and research methods enable us to explore and explain these issues?
Experience of a student: Anna
In the interview Anna will tell you more about Heritage and Memory Studies and why she chose this Master's programme.
Meet & Ask
Talk to a student, a teacher and/or a study advisor live, via Zoom. You will receive a short presentation of the programme and you will be able to ask all of your questions live, together with other prospective students.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I enrol in a Master's if I have not yet completed my Bachelor's?

    We advise you not to wait until the registration deadline before enrolling in the Master's programme. The sooner you enrol, the sooner we can inform you about your admission. When you enrol, you are not required to immediately upload your degree certificate. If you have not yet obtained your degree certificate but are in possession of all the other application documents, you can go ahead and submit your enrolment. You will then have until 31 August to upload your Bachelor's degree. Please check out the Graduate School of Humanities website for the application procedure.

  • What are my options after graduation?

    After you have completed this programme, you can choose pursue an academic career or you can enter the job market. Please find more information on the 'Careers' page.

  • How do I go about finding housing in Amsterdam?

    Finding housing in Amsterdam is often difficult because of the high demand with regard to student accommodation, but by starting your search on time and putting in some effort, students usually succeed at finding something. Many students find accommodation by word of mouth or social media. Please check out the page below for all of our information related to finding housing.

Hi! You can ask me all your questions about this programme via Instagram.
Ask your question to Anna
'Heritage allows us to visit the past. We 'read' cities and landscapes with the aid of clues derived from film and fiction. Of all of the cities in the Netherlands, Amsterdam has the most museums and listed buildings, all within a distance of roughly half a kilometre from each other. It is therefore a perfect location for academic research into heritage.'
Prof. Rob van der Laarse
Student blog: Heritage and Memory
This blog is created by students from this Master's. Each year, a new cohort of students take over the site, share their thoughts, and reflect on the relationship between Heritage & Memory Studies and everyday life.
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