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Heritage and Memory Studies (Heritage Studies)

Tuition fees and costs

Heritage and Memory Studies

Paying the tuition fee is an important step in completing your enrolment. Other costs to keep in mind when planning your university budget include housing, living expenses, and learning materials such as books, stationary and a laptop.

Tuition fees  

You can calculate your tuition fee for this programme by using the Tuition fee calculator. Please note: the calculator does not work in Safari. 

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Study costs

In addition to your tuition fees, you will need to include a number of other study costs in your budget, such as books, stationary, a laptop or other equipment. These costs may vary, but academic books and study materials will usually amount to between €50 - €100 per month.

Excursion costs and internship allowance

The excursion abroad in the final semester of the programme will cost between €500 - €1500. The total cost depends on the excursion's destination. Note that the University of Amsterdam will reimburse a part of the expenses.

If you are planning to do an internship, please take into account that some internship organisations only offer a minimal allowance.

Living costs

Keep in mind that living in Amsterdam also includes costs such as accommodation, food and public transport.

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