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Students choose one of the following specialisations:

  • Archaeology and ancient history.
  • Ancient Thought: from Plato to Augustine.
  • Ancient Studies: with ancient Greek.
  • Ancient Studies: with Latin.
  • Neo-Babylonian and neo-Assyrian.

Programme structure

The programme comprises 60 ECTS credits:

  • 12 credits for Core courses
  • 30 credits for Specialised courses and Electives
  • 18 credits for a Master’s thesis

Obligatory for all students are two core courses and a Master’s thesis.

  • Core Courses

    The core courses are two seminars, both of which have an interdisciplinary angle:

    • Rulers’ Ideology and Representation: compares the ways in which rulers from different parts of the ancient world and from a period stretching from 1000 BCE to Late Antiquity have represented their regimes.
    • Great Debates: invites you to participate in some of the vehement discussions among historians and archaeologists about ancient cultures and societies and about the concepts and methods we use in attempting to understand them.
  • Optional Courses

    For the remaining 30 ECTS you can follow one of these courses:

    • Archaeology, Museums, and the Public
    • From Christ to Constantine: Judaism and Christianity in their Graeco-Roman contexts
    • Greek Elite Culture in the Roman Empire

    Or a language-based course:

    • Akkadian
    • Greek
    • Latin
  • Electives

    Each focus area includes one or two electives. An elective can be chosen from a wide range of courses in related fields such as archaeology, heritage studies, history, ancient studies or classics.

  • Thesis

    The Master’s thesis – an important part of the programme – enables you to conduct original research under the supervision of one of the staff members. The subject of the thesis must be mutually agreed upon by the student and the academic adviser.

Detailed course information

For detailed course information, please see the UvA Course Catalogue (link below).

UvA Course Catalogue: Ancient Studies

Switching to a Research Master’s programme

Students who show exceptional promise during a Master’s programme are encouraged to continue their studies in one of our Research Master’s programmes. If you decide to switch programmes and are admitted before the start of the second semester, you will be able to transfer all credits earned in the first semester to your Research Master’s degree programme. In case you join later, the Examinations Board determines which courses qualify for credit transferral to the Research Master’s programme.

Within ACASA, there are two Research Master’s programmes which would be suitable for a continuation of your studies:

Research MA Classics and Ancient Civilizations (VU)

Research MA Geschiedenis (in Dutch, UvA)