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Master Latin American Studies

Pre-Master's Latin American Studies

Please note: this pre-Master's programme is taught in English.

Grants access to:


First semester:

  • Academic Skills I (6 ECTS, block 1)
  • Politics and Protest (6 ECTS, block 1)
  • Identity of the City (6 ECTS, block 2)
  • Academic Skills II (6 ECTS, block 3)

Second semester:

  • Gender and Social Inequality (6 ECTS, block 4)
  • Research in Latin American Studies (6 ECTS, block 5)
  • Choose one of the following (6 ECTS):
    • Brazil: Democracy, Citizenship and Culture (block 4)
    • Politics of Commodity Dependence (block 5 and 6)

Procedure: enrolment via CEDLA

If you wish to gain access to the Master’s programme Latin American Studies by means of this pre-Master’s programme, you must first follow the application procedure for the Master’s Latin American Studies. This means that you should enrol in the Master’s Latin American Studies at the CEDLA, and not directly in this pre-Master’s.

The selection committee will assess your prior education. If you are able to meet the entry requirements for the Master’s by doing the pre-Master’s programme, you will be notified of this. If you successfully complete the pre-Master’s programme within a year, you will automatically be admitted to the Master’s programme.

Application and Admission Master's Latin American Studies