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Latin American Studies
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Tuition fee

Tuition fees for the Master’s in Latin American Studies differ from the regular UvA tuition fees. The tuition fees amount to a total of €3000 per academic year and are applicable to all students (independent of nationality). Students who successfully complete the first 30 ECTS  before 1 February can apply to CEDLA for a research grant of up to €1000 to cover costs made during their research in Latin America. However: following the guidelines of the Dutch government, the tuition fee and the CEDLA fieldwork grant will be reduced by 50% for all students in the academic year 2021-2022. The tuition fee for 2021-2022 will be €1500 and all students will be eligible for a €500 grant during the programme.

Students are responsible for the cost of purchasing textbooks and/or copying materials and additional costs associated with their fieldwork in Latin America. 

Depending on their personal status, students participating in the Master’s in Latin American Studies may be eligible for a student travel card (valid on public transport) and/or a loan from DUO. However, as the programme is a post-initial Master’s programme, different rules may apply regarding this eligibility than in the case of a regular Master’s programme. We recommend that students contact DUO to inform about the specifics.