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Literature, Culture and Society (Literary Studies)
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Academic staff

Academic staff


Prof. Shelly Godsland, Spanish Literature

Godsland’s research deploys a broadly cultural studies approach to late-twentieth-and early twenty-first-century Peninsular and Latin American narrative fiction. Her international reputation arises from her work on women’s detective literature, a field in which she developed and demonstrated an innovative methodology for analysis of female-authored crime writing, and from her pioneering promotion via scholarship, conference organisation and publication of academic engagement with Hispanic popular culture.

Prof. dr. S. (Shelley) Godsland

Programme coordinator

Prof. Henk van der Liet, Scandinavian Literature

Van der Liet is the author of numerous articles in the field of Scandinavian literature of the 19th and 20th century, with a special emphasis on Danish literature. He is the only non-Scandinavian contributor to the standard reference work on modern Danish literary history Danske digtere i det 20. århundrede I-III. At present he is working on a biographical study of the works of the 19th century Danish author-artist Holger Drachmann and is doing preparatory work for the publication of (part of) this author's correspondence under the supervision of the Danish Society for Language and Literature.

Prof. dr. H.A. (Henk) van der Liet

Faculty of Humanities

German and Scandinavian Languages & Cultures

Dr Sabine van Wesemael, French Literature

Van Wesemael (assistant professor) teaches French and European literature at the University of Amsterdam. Her main fields of interest are French modernism and the extreme contemporary novel. She wrote her dissertation on A la recherché du temps perdu by Marcel Proust and she is one of the editors of the academic review Marcel Proust Aujourd’hui. Sabine van Wesemael teaches mainly on master level and works for several departments: French language and culture, European Studies, Comparative Literature and the Research Master Literary Studies.

Dr. S.M.E. (Sabine) van Wesemael

Faculty of Humanities

Capaciteitsgroep Romaanse talen en culturen