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PhD training

PhD training

Courses for Faculty of Humanities PhD candidates

All PhD candidates at the Faculty of Humanities follow skills development courses and theoretical courses, alongside their research, to prepare them for their (post-)PhD work.

PhD Training programme

The programme is made up of two components:

  1. Skills development courses at the Graduate School of Humanities
  2. Courses in specific subject areas at a national research school. The doctoral candidate selects a research school in consultation with his/her doctoral thesis supervisor.
    There are fifteen national research schools in the field of the Humanities.The curricula for PhD candidates are published on their respective websites. PhD candidates can choose from the following fifteen national research schools. ILLC PhD students can reach a different agreement in consultation.

The package of courses is determined within a month after appointment and forms part of the doctoral training and educational plan (OBP).

Skills development courses at the Graduate School of Humanities

Candidates can choose from four generic categories of skills development courses: organisation, co-operation and networking, communication and presentation, and preparing for the future (in or outside academia). Each category includes both basic and elective courses.

View the course programme 2018-2019

Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research

The Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research (AIHR) is the Faculty of Humanities' research institute. On the AIHR website you can find more information about doing a PhDs in the Humanities. The positions available in the Humanities are published here. On the UvA website you will find more information on doing a doctoral programme at the university.


For questions please contact Eloe Kingma or Margreet Vermeulen, staff members of the research department.