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PhD training

Presentation skills

As a PhD researcher you are immersed into your research subject every day, but how do you bring across your research to a large public? This course focuses on how you can become a clear and engaging presenter, so that your key information comes across to the other side and you become an effective communicator.

Schedule 3 days 10:00–16:00 and 1 half day 10:00–13:00
Course dates see upcoming course
No. of participants max 6
Workload 1 ECTS


Course description


The course will concentrate on learning how to be an effective presenter. After the course you will know how:

  • to make a quick and thorough foundation for a successful presentation. (think: structure, clear goal, gain, map public).
  • to get your audience “on board” in a few minutes.
  • to effectively bring your message across.
  • to present engaging from beginning to end.
  • to manage your nerves.
  • to appeal to all the different kinds of public.
  • to inform, convince and inspire.
  • to improve your personal presentation style.
  • to deal in an effective and professional manner with questions.
  • The course will focus on presenting as a generic skill, as well as presenting for the scientific world.

Class themes

Participants will work towards an 10-15 minute end presentation, wherein they will  present their research to the rest of the group. Because there is no uniform recipe for what works concerning personal presentation skills, each participant will receive personal feedback.

Weekly programme

Attendance & assignments

To get the most out of the course, full attendance is desired. Since each day contributes to the whole. In between the course days there will be small presentation assignments. You are requested to work on presentation you will need to give in the near future.


The course will be taught by Mabel Frumau. Mabel Frumau studied European Studies at the University of Amsterdam and Political Science at the Wittenberg University. Since ten years she has specialized herself in Presentation Skills and is the owner of Presenting with Impact.