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PhD training

Scientific Integrity

When discussing scientific integrity in broad lines researchers tend to have very similar ideas as to what scientific integrity is and how to avoid it from being compromised. But when discussing concrete cases, things may not be as clear as they seem. In this course you will receive information about scientific integrity and its different contexts. Discussion will raise awareness of possible pitfalls.

Schedule one 3-hour session
Course date see upcoming course
No. of participants 12
Workload 0.5 ECTS


Course description


Most PhD researchers are well aware of the dilemmas of scientific integrity and manage to avoid irregularities.

  • Since the faculty introduced an electronic tool to check dissertations for plagiarism, no true violations have been discovered. But these screenings do often come up with minor irregularities and it is important for PhD researchers to know about them and to avoid them.
  • For Phd researchers who are conducting interviews or are working with test subjects scientific integrity also involves having to get their interviews/ experiments approved by the faculty's ethics committee.
  • We will discuss scientific integrity with the help of concrete cases offered by the Dilemma Game, developed by Erasmus University.


Hotze Mulder, Specialist officer academic affairs responsible for the plagiarism check of PhD theses

Judith Rispens, Professor of Dutch Linguistics and member of the Ethics Committee

Catherine Lord, Assistant Professor Film Studies and a practitoner in theatre and film