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Study programmes

Pre-Master's Engels (Educatie en communicatie)

Please note: this pre-Master's programme is taught in English and is only accessible to students with a Dutch or other EU nationality.

Grants access to:

Sample programme

Please note: If you have obtained an academic Bachelor’s degree, you do not need to take the two Academic Skills courses (2 x 6 ECTS), which means that the programme will comprise 30 ECTS instead of 42 ECTS.

First semester

  • Academic Skills  (12 ECTS, block 1 and 3)
  • English Literature 4: Literary Theory (6 ECTS, block 1)
  • English Linguistics 2: English and Englishes (6 ECTS, block 2)
  • English Linguistics 5: Language in Society (6 ECTS, block 2)

Second semester

  • English Linguistics 3: Language in Use (6 ECTS, block 2)
  • English Literature 5: Modern & Contemporary Literature (6 ECTS, block 2)

Procedure: enrolment via Studielink

If you wish to gain access to the Master’s Engels (Educatie en communicatie) (taught in Dutch) by means of this pre-Master’s programme, you must first submit an enrolment application in Studielink for the Master’s Educatie en Communicatie in de Taal- en Cultuurwetenschappen​. You cannot directly enrol in the pre-Master’s.

The selection committee will assess your prior education. If you are able to meet the entry requirements for the Master’s by doing the pre-Master’s programme, you will be notified of this. Only then should you enrol in the pre-Master’s via Studielink. If you successfully complete the pre-Master’s programme within a year, you will automatically be admitted to the Master’s programme Engels (Educatie en communicatie).


The tuition fee rate for a pre-Master’s programme in the academic year 2020-2021 is €35.71 per ECTS, with a maximum of €2,143. This means that for a 42 ECTS pre-Master’s programme, the fee is €1,499.82; for a 30 ECTS programme, the fee is €1,071.30.

More information

dr. R. (Rose) van der Zwaard

Coordinator Master's Engels (Educatie en communicatie)