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Course registration

Entry requirements

The entry requirements for the courses are described in the Course Catalogue. In some cases, you may not meet the entry requirements at the time of registration, although you may do so on short term. In this case your registration will be conditional.

The Education Desk will verify that you have met the entry requirements as soon as the results of the previous semester’s exams have been registered. If your study results do not meet the entry requirements, you will lose your right to follow the course and your registration will be cancelled.

Please note: at the Faculty of Humanities, Master's students are not allowed to register for Bachelor's courses. 


If you do not meet the entry requirements for a course, but you can demonstrate that you have the required prior knowledge, you can request a dispensation from the entry requirements from the Examinations Board. You must do this before the course registration period closes by using the 'Other requests form' below.