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Frequently asked questions and answers about course registration.

Before and during registration:

  • How and when do I register for courses?

    You can start registering for courses via the button 'Add course to planner' in the Course Catalogue. The course registration period for the first semester takes place in June, and for the second semester in December.

  • How do I register for a minor?

    At the Faculty of Humanities, registration for a minor is only possible before the start of the first semester's courses. The next Minors Fair will take place in the spring of 2020. After this fair you will be able to register for a minor starting in the academic year 2020-2021.

    Please note: After approval for the minor, you still need to register for the specific minor courses during the course registration period.

    You can find the complete list of UvA minors via Minors.

  • Can I register again for a course I have already passed?

    Yes, it is possible to retake a course you have already passed. However, please keep in mind that this counts as an examination attempt. Therefore, it is important to deregister in time if you decide not to do the course after all. Otherwise, your result for the course will be registered as a NAP (not attended).

  • Where can I find the timetable for the various courses and tutorials?

    Go to, where you will see your personal timetable containing the courses and tutorials for which you have registered. In order to orientate yourself, you can add and remove courses and tutorials to this timetable, too. If you move your cursor to the right-hand side of the page and click on a course, dots will appear behind the course. Click on these dots to select tutorials or to filter activities.

  • I do not (yet) meet the entry requirements for a compulsory course. What should I do?
    • During the course registration period, it is best to assume that you will successfully pass your exams, even if you are still waiting for the final grade (resits).
    • Look for an alternative course for which you meet the entry requirements.
    • Discuss an alternative choice with your study adviser – before the course registration period – so as to prevent a study delay.
  • I am unable to register for one or more courses. What could be the reason?

    One of the reasons could be:

    • The course is only open to certain student groups. Contact the Education Desk if you think you should nonetheless be registered. 
    • The course is booked. If a course has various tutorials, please check if there are any places available. If all tutorials are full, you can register for the waiting list (WL) during the course registration period.
    • If you are unable to register for a compulsory course during the course registration period, please contact the Education Desk.
    • If you are unable to register for an elective, choose another elective.

After registration:

  • The course registration period is over. Can I still register for a course?

    After the course registration period is closed, it is possible to register for courses if places are still available.

    • Compulsory course:
      If you are not able to register for a compulsory course because there are no places available, you can submit a request for late registration via an online form. You can do this until one week before the start of the semester. For more information and the online form, please see:
      Too late for course registration
    • Elective course:
      You can only register for elective courses if places are still available.