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Switching tutorial groups

In a limited number of cases, it may be possible to switch tutorial groups, under the condition that there are still places in the group of your choosing. Placement in another tutorial group cannot be guaranteed.

  1. In case any personal circumstances apply or if you are a high-level competitive athlete (NOC*NSF status), you should submit your request to switch tutorial groups to the study adviser.
  2. In case of any overlap in your timetable or a demonstrable highly unfavourable difference in time zones (tutorial groups before 6:00 or after 23:00 local time), please submit your request via the Education Desk. Please note: examination times cannot be changed.
  3. Switching is possible up to Thursday 17:00 before the start of each block. After this time, switching is no longer possible. You cannot switch tutorial groups via the lecturer teaching the course in question.