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Complete your Enrolment Checklist

If you have been (conditionally) accepted to the Master's programme you have applied for, you can see all the steps you must take to finalise your enrolment in the Enrolment Checklist in SIS.

The items on the Enrolment Checklist depend on whether you have been accepted to a Master's or a pre-Master's programme.

  • Enrolment Checklist Master's programmes


    The Central Student Administration needs to verify your proof of ID. You will receive an email from SIS with instructions on how and where to upload your ID.

    Admission to the Master's programme  

    You need to meet the conditions set in your conditional acceptance letter in order to receive your decision on admission to the Master's programme from the Central Student Administration. 

    Tuition fees 

    Pay your tuition fee via Studielink. For more information on fees, see our tuition fees page or contact the Central Student Service Desk

Once you have completed all the checklist items, you will receive your Proof of Enrolment (in Dutch: Bewijs van Inschrijving) from the Central Student Administration.