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Transferring to a Research Master's

What is the procedure?

For students enrolled in a one-year Master's programme, it is sometimes possible to transfer to the Research Master's per February. If you are interested in applying for a transfer to a Research Master’s, please follow the steps below.

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Fred van Diem

Steps to take before 6 January

  1. We recommend that you contact the Research Master’s programme coordinator to discuss your potential transfer application. However, this is not obligatory. If they answer affirmatively, you can upload their email to your MyInfo-dossier.
  2. Inform the Humanities Admissions Office that you wish to apply for a transfer to a Research Master’s
  3. Add an enrolment application in Studielink for the Research Master's. Choose the programme option that is followed by '- Research Master's, after a temporary termination of enrolment' or by 'research master - na studieonderbreking'. You can then choose for the option Start date: February 2021. This step must be completed by 4 January 2021 the latest.
    Please note: do not yet deregister from the one-year MA programme in Studielink.
  4. After registering in Studielink, you will automatically receive an email with a link to your MyInfo UvA application form. You must submit a complete application dossier in MyInfo before 6 January 2021.
    - Please also upload an overview of your first-semester grades from the Master’s programme you are currently doing at the UvA. You can do so by making a print-screen of your results in SIS. If your grades are not yet available by 5 January 2021, please upload an overview of the courses yet to be graded.
    - As you have already been admitted to a regular Master’s programme at the Graduate School of Humanities, you are automatically exempt from the English language requirements.
  5. Register for second-semester courses of both the Research Master's as well as your current Master's.

Steps to take once you have been admitted

  1. Inform the programme coordinator of the 1-year programme.
  2. Check that you are registered correctly in Studielink for the programme you are switching to per February.
  3. Deregister from your 1-year Master's in Studielink per February.
  4. Deregister from the courses of the 1-year Master's.