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Submit certified documents

In order to become unconditionally admitted to your (pre)Master’s programme, you need to undertake a number of steps so that you are allowed to start the (pre)Master’s programme in September. The deadlines to submit proof of graduation varies depending on your nationality and where you have obtained your previous education.

  • Dutch prior education

    You need to have graduated from your Dutch Bachelor’s degree and filled out the graduation form below by 31 August 2023 at the latest. This applies to UvA students as well.

    It may take several weeks for your university to register your graduation. Have you completed all courses of your Bachelor's programme, but is your graduation not yet registered and are you afraid that this will not happen before 31 August 2023? Then ask a representative of your university to send a graduation statement to

    Without proof of graduation, your enrolment cannot be finalised and you will not be able to start your (pre-)Master’s programme in September.

  • Non-Dutch prior education

    If you obtain or have obtained your Bachelor's diploma at a non-Dutch university, you need to submit the following certified documents:

    • Certified copies of both your original and translated higher education diploma(s).
    • Certified copies of both your original and translated final transcript(s).

    Please note: You have to send in certified documents of all previous (Bachelor and/or Master)degree programmes that you applied with.

What is a certified document?

A certified copy is an official copy of the original document with an original stamp and signature of a representative of your home institution or a notary. This is therefore not the same as a photocopy of a certified document. Please do not send us the original documents as we are not responsible in case any documents get lost in the process. Furthermore, we are not able to return you the documents you sent. Transcripts, diplomas and graduation statements (if applicable) in any language other than English, Dutch, French or German should be submitted in their original language along with an official and certified translation made by a sworn translator.

Deadlines for sending certified documents

  • For applicants with a non-EU/EER nationality

    Deadline: 1 May 2023

    This deadline applies to applicants who require a residence permit for study. Please send us:

    • your certified diploma or graduation statement issued by your home university stating that you completed your degree with an exact date of graduation which should be before 1 September; and
    • certified final transcript(s) of records.

    Important: Please note that students who need a residence permit and entrance visa for the Netherlands, will need to have submitted their certified documents before 1 May 2023.

  • For applicants with an EU/EER nationality

    Deadline: 1 August

    If your diploma will not be issued before 1 August, please send in an official graduation statement before 1 August. In this graduation statement, your university needs to declare that you have fulfilled all graduation requirements and have graduated from your (Bachelor's or Master's) degree programme, stating your exact graduation date. This date cannot be later than 31 August 2023. The graduation statement needs to be signed and stamped by your home institution.

    It is important to note that we do not accept graduation statements that mention an “expected” or “provisional” date of graduation. It has to be a firm and final graduation date.

How to submit your certified documents

Make sure that we receive the certified copies of your documents well before the deadline that applies to you. Once your documents have been processed and accepted, a checkmark will appear next to ‘Accepted to the (pre-)Master's programme’ in your Enrolment Checklist, and you will receive your letter of official acceptance to the (pre-)Master’s programme

  • Through a secure portal

    We accept certified documents sent to us through a secure portal, like Parchment, Digitary, Hear, E-Script or Gradintelligence. t You can send these documents to the following e-mail: Please note: we can only accept certified documents sent by students if they are submitted through a secure portal.

    Unsure whether your university's secure portal is accepted? Contact us.

  • Via email

    We accept certified documents sent to us by an authorised official at your home institution (such as the Registrar’s Office).
    Documents should be sent to

    Important:  We do not accept digital documents sent to us by students and/or from a student email address.

  • Hard copies

    If you are not able to send us your certified documents digitally in the manners described above, you can send us your certified graduation statement, diploma and final transcript of records by post:

    University of Amsterdam
    Graduate School of Humanities, Admissions Office
    PO Box 93055
    1090 BB Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Please note that certified documents sent via registered post or courier cannot be sent to our PO Box.  If you are sending your certified documents via registered post or courier, use this address instead:

    University of Amsterdam
    Graduate School of Humanities, Admissions Office
    Turfdraagsterpad 15-17
    1012 XT Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    If your documents are not properly certified (for example plain photocopies), we cannot accept them.