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Application and admission

Transferring to a Research Master's

What is the procedure?

For students enrolled in a one-year Master's programme, it is sometimes possible to transfer to the Research Master's per February. If you are interested in applying for a transfer to a Research Master’s, please follow the steps below.

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Fred van Diem

Steps to take before 1 January

  1. Check with the Research Master's programme coordinator whether you can apply for a transfer per February. You will have to upload their written permission to apply for a transfer in MyInfo.
  2. Inform the Humanities Admissions Office that you wish to apply for a transfer to a Research Master’s
  3. Add an enrolment application in Studielink for the Research Master's. Choose the programme option that is followed by '- Research Master's, after a temporary termination of enrolment' or by 'research master - na studieonderbreking'. You can then choose for the option Start date: February 2020. This step must be completed by 29 December 2019 the latest.
    Please note: do not yet deregister from the one-year MA programme in Studielink.
  4. After registering in Studielink, you will automatically receive an email with a link to your MyInfo UvA application form. You must submit a complete application dossier in MyInfo before 1 January 2020.
    - Please also upload an overview of your first-semester grades from the Master’s programme you are currently doing at the UvA. You can do so by making a print-screen of your results in SIS. If your grades are not yet available by 31 December 2019, please upload an overview of the courses yet to be graded.
    - Additionally, please upload the Research Master’s programme coordinator’s written permission for you to apply for a transfer under ‘Transfer application/Overstapverzoek aanmelding’.
    - As you have already been admitted to a regular Master’s programme at the Graduate School of Humanities, you are automatically exempt from the English language requirements.
  5. Register for second-semester courses of both the Research Master's as well as your current Master's.

Steps to take once you have been admitted

  1. Inform the programme coordinator of the 1-year programme.
  2. Check that you are registered correctly in Studielink for the programme you are switching to per February.
  3. Deregister from your 1-year Master's in Studielink per February.
  4. Deregister from the courses of the 1-year Master's.